Previous AA2A Artist

Liam Herne

Project summary:

I plan to undertake a project which will be developed from a previous piece I did for my Fine Art Degree Show. That piece incorporated the mediums of video, sculpture and installation. I want to use all these elements again however in a more ambitious way and in a manner which will allow audience participation. I want to look closely at the idea of the life model and the living sculpture which are ideas I was exploring just as I was finishing my degree. Since then I have been doing a lot of performative work and so I would like to combine my experience of this with my proposed project so that I can make participatory performance based work rooted in the traditional Fine Art practice of life drawing. The AA2A will help me realise this project through access to facilities and also an exciting opportunity for me to return to the place where I felt most creative but with more experience and perspective on my practice. Also, a main element needed in my work is the participation of students and life models. I hope that my work could maybe inspire students and make them see how mediums can be combined and to think more about audience involvement within Fine Art.

'Wrapped up police bike'
Still from a performance