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Leroy Henry

Project summary:

I have been experimenting with Advanced Paper Engineering and Printmaking to develop my ongoing research; this involves a series of exhibitions; July 3 2008 at The Birmingham Symphony Hall, it is influenced by experimental, explorative 3D engineering to bring about awareness of emotional associations to the built environment, and this has been transformed into bold prints. Printed works initially developed from exploring why particular buildings are seen as iconic and prompts questions to the viewer:

Is it the way it was built? Materials used? At what point do you love, hate or feel indifferent towards it?

I question what the buildings represent in the mind of the observer in an effort to promote a response and make known the viewers key decision process.

I believe the exhibitions will make the viewer more aware of the Midlands Architectural heritage; as well as drawing inspiration for the successful marriage of old and new, Gallery extension to the Wolverhampton’s Museum and Art Gallery. Also the above activity is intended to enhance both civic pride and cultural awareness; encourage more potential visitors beyond the West Midlands to consider it as a prime tourist destination.

'Solid Gold'
screen print on paper