Previous AA2A Artist

Leah Harvey

Project summary:

I primarily use silver wire to create my jewellery, adding accents of gold wire and leaf as well as oxidising elements and applying subtle textures. Since completing my degree in 2005 I have spent a year as a jeweller in residence at Bilston Craft Gallery. During my residency I produced a range of brooches, earrings and pendants which compliment my degree collection. I intend to develop my work further by concentrating on a range of special occasion wear including neck adornments, tiaras and hair accessories. Previous neckwear that I have designed has been centred round the neck and collarbone area. I would like to develop this further and produce a collection which is worn longer and can be draped down the front or the back of the body.

Previous work has been a little clumsily put together so I intend to look at new ways of joining the separate components. I believe my designs would be suitable for wedding wear and I intend to design a body of complimentary headwear with this in mind. Towards the end of my residency I also produced a small range of men's accessories including tie pin, tie slide and cufflinks. I think it is important to consider a range of complimentary men's accessories when designing formal/bridal wear as it can be marketed as a complete collection. I aim to produce items which can be tailored to accommodate the requirements of the client so I intend to produce jewellery with a common theme which is available in a range of materials and finishes.

I intend to continue working in the same style as I have throughout my projects but hope to refine my designs and improve the quality and durability of my pieces.