Previous AA2A Artist

Laura McCafferty

Project summary:

AA2A has allowed me to return to the university’s creative atmosphere without having to put my practice on hold. Through an informal exhibition of four artworks in the atrium I was given the opportunity to introduce my work to highly regarded tutors, visiting lecturers, artists, technicians and students. I also gained a collection of photographs having invited a photographer to take images of my work in the large public space. I use these to promote my work and apply for commissions and exhibitions. 

I was paired with a full time tutor who has been there throughout the scheme. Always making time to meet. Her support has been a luxury; I thank her for her time and effort. I wanted to address idea development, as I had become slightly isolated. Discussion has led to stronger self-belief. I am now in the process of creating eleven small scale artworks for an exhibition and working on a new project idea.

I used the university’s printing facilities to help create three new large scale pieces for an exhibition in January. I had inductions in Digital weave and embroidery. I used the facilities and the technicians’ help to make a frame for a large piece of existing artwork, using the budget to pay for costs and materials. A highlight was a meeting with an art consultant who discussed aspects of my practice. This gave me renewed confidence in what I have already achieved and hope for future opportunities. It is a fantastic scheme and I have told many other artists about it. There is a huge need to get support, meet new people and develop new ideas when you are a full time practitioner. I have loved being on the scheme and am sad to see it end, but can already see the doors it has opened to new things.

'Old Card Players'
textile artwork 175 x 127cm