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Larna Campbell

Project summary:

I currently make sculptural work from paper, handmade paper, performance and photography work. I would like to experiment with casting and mouldmaking techniques and then to create finished pieces of work. As I spent some time last year experimenting with paperclay during a project funded by a NAN New Collaborations Bursary, I already have some ideas for sculptural pieces I would like to make with this material. I would like to experiment with suspending sculptural objects in resin blocks, perhaps representing a moment frozen in time. I would like to incorporate handmade paper and bookworks into this work as well as collecting materials from specific events and environments so that the resin blocks with these objects and perhaps texts embedded in them will act as a document of a particular moment or experience.

Between October and January I will experiment with different casting materials and processes. From January to April I will work towards creating a body of sculptural work that can be exhibited.

Exploring and experimenting with different materials will enable me to use more materials in my work and to select the materials that are appropriate for the work that I am making. The AA2A programme will enable me to develop my work and ideas in a supportive and creative environment with the facilities to do so.