Previous AA2A Artist

Kim Thomson

Project summary:

Through out my degree course my work was heavily influenced by ‘Cup and Ring’ marks, carvings made by Neolithic Man upon rock surfaces.

During AA2A I decided to progress this theme by looking at modern marks made by Man on their surrounding surfaces - Graffiti.

I used the workshop access time to forge a large-scale metal neckpiece and construct a stone ‘trim’. 

The strong lines and metallic colour represent the Contemporary ‘Urban’ aspect of my piece while the dark stone with various colours and shades of paternation represents the modern canvas of run down areas mixed with the often ‘organic’ feel of amateur graffiti mark making.

I feel my use of stone links the piece back to my earlier focus on rock carvings.

AA2A was an invaluable experience allowing me the access and freedom to develop my work in a way I had previously been unable to as I lacked the space, materials and tools.

Thank you to all the staff and students I was in contact with during my time on AA2A for all their support.