Previous AA2A Artist

Kevan Whittle

Project summary:

I have used the AA2A scheme to produce larger screen prints for an ongoing project – The Eden Project – and to do some experimental work for a new project using photographs taken locally.

The Eden project - the objective was to produce some artwork which would reflect the nature and atmosphere of my visit there. The work would have an abstract bias but have its origins in the photographic material from the Eden project. I scanned the photographs into the computer and selected various aspects of interest to produce a layer of colour. By repeating this process and over-layering I am able to produce a prototype image to convert into a screen print.

I have produced four different screen print series with some variations of the same image. This completed my work for this project and I was then able to concentrate on a second project using a different printing method – photogravure.

The subject matter of this project has been looking at plant material in its natural form with its variations in shape, form, structure and texture. From this initial stance, I have moved to develop work which is realistic and the main emphasis being on trees resulting from my attention being drawn to an isolated beech tree distorted due to the prevailing winds, and carrying the scars of many letters and marks carved into the bark of the trunk. This is quite common to see but somehow prompted me to questions – Why do people make marks? - personal ID perhaps? Why put their own initials? - some form of ownership. Why mutilate a tree? - a living memory. A form of decoration? - analogous with tattoos. A lack of appreciation of natural beauty?

From further observation of the tree trunk, I noticed the living plant cells beneath the bark had started a self-healing process. This appears to have enhanced some initials but distorted other beyond recognition. Using photopolymer laminated to aluminium, I produced a large etching consisting of nine individual plates, which depict some of my images and thoughts. The conclusions I have left open.

The AA2A scheme has worked well from my point of view, and I consider my participation to have been a success and beneficial to other students who have worked alongside me with their projects.

'Structures Within 3'

screenprint - 26 x 40cm