Previous AA2A Artist

Kerry Andrews

Project summary:

The AA2A opportunity will help me develop two new projects. They both continue the central theme of my work which deals with the idea of narrative in a 'static' image. This narrative is based on the human figure as a presence - a territory of actions and repetitions and our relationship to time.

The first project aims to explore the figure in terms of a narrative presence by creating a physical screen of moveable sections with strong backlighting. I have already produced two sets of digital images as part of an ongoing series, but I need to create the supporting structure for these images. The main work I want to undertake is the fabrication of a large-scale wall frame/mount mechanism for sliding perspex panels. The project piece (Turing Machine) aims to be a 4 metre wide by 2 metre high open 'lightbox' with digitally produced duratrans prints. The framework will be mounted to the wall while supporting independently moving panels floating at a distance from the wall. It will be an open structure with lighting behind.

The second project is a multiple-image/single screen based work with independent sections embedded within an overall image. This seems to be a natural development from the single montaged images I have been producing, taking the idea of the static image narrative a step further. The idea is to use musical forms to structure a set of looping embedded images to explore narrative in terms of territoriality and repeated actions