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Kelly Gardner

Project summary:

My work deals with memory and absence. I have used textiles and garments to convey this. Using lace, dyes and bleach on canvas I have created ethereal veils, layers of memory. I have also produced 3D dresses constructed from book pages, copper wire, old photographs, and other found objects. They are to be displayed lit from within, casting shadows across the walls and concern ideas of absence, traces and residues.

The effects that I have achieved in my paintings are x-ray like and have photographic qualities. This is what has led me to make photograms of garments. I have experimented with them in the past and love the effects they give, but I was limited with facilities. The opportunity to be on the AA2A scheme at Derby has enabled me to produce a new body of work. I have been able to work on a larger scale and have made photograms of various garments and accessories, including a series of baby dresses, gloves, fans and also I have been experimenting with glass objects, glasses and cake stands. A series of the new photograms have been exhibited in ‘Body & Soul’ an exhibition at Ropewalk Contemporary Art & Craft, North Lincolnshire.


'Baby Dress - Series 2'
photogram - 60 x 50cm