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Kathryn Cooper

Project summary:

I am interested in using the wood workshop at The University of Derby to create a kiosk/booth/machine/display stand; a structure to enable interaction with audience members. I set up interactive pieces using a structure made of 'lo-fi', 'Blue Peter' style, disposable materials: cardboard, foil and cling film. I intend to experiment with what it means to make these structures more permanent, crafted and possibly 'folk' (like a gypsy caravan or canal narrow boat). I am interested in the politics of materials.

The structures are the public face of invented institutions: 'The Bank of Tribulation', 'The Office of Change' or 'The Happiness Laboratory and Resource Centre'.

The Bank of Tribulation offers financial planning for the end of time. Exhibition visitors are given a Bank of Tribulation card and PIN on entering the event. The machine enables customers to deposit a prophecy, withdraw a prophecy, open an account or receive an advice slip. I am inside the machine and have a dialogue with the customer via a DIY 'screen'.

The next step for my practice is to question the materials used; what do they mean and how do they effect the meaning of the piece? My aim is to create a new version one of the structures I use with a new palette of materials and to refine the interaction dialogue by working with and trying piece out on students. In particular I am keen to try making moving parts out of wood.