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Kate Hammersley

Project summary:

My work is informed by what it is like to live in the world.

The process of making is an important aspect of my work, which aims to explore the boundaries of drawing and sculpture and push materials to the limits of their plasticity.

The ceramics I produced on the AA2A scheme were based on the theme of 'Order and Chaos'. Porcelain pieces such as 'Lightening Strike' look at how an object can be a relic of an event and tell a story. In this piece, fragments of a tree struck by lightening have been wrapped in fabric soaked in procelain, so that when the object is fired in a kiln the tree fragments burn away and we are left with the porcelain shell. The process of making, like the subject matter are subject to chance, with the porcelain capturing the space once occupied by the object.


Lightening Strike by Kate Hammersley. Photographer unknown.