Previous AA2A Artist

Kaioi-Jay Yung

Project summary:

My experience at AA2A has been very rewarding. I was able to make use of the facilities provided by the college as well as meet students on the course and have a taste of how the foundation course operated and the various disciplines open to them; an insight since I did not study a foundation. I decided to use my time as planned towards the production of work for my Capital of Culture exhibition Paradise Stories, which took place in two venues across Liverpool. My coordinator was very helpful in supporting and trying to meet my needs, following conversations, he spent time showing me different departments and introducing me to staff members who may be relevant to my project as well as linking me to students who may be interested in taking part in my show.

I decided to use my time focusing on ceramics and experimenting in this department for the first time since the age of 15; I thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning how to make from clay myself. I created a series of hybrid creatures from stone and earthenware clay and learnt techniques such as how to mix glazes from pigment form, kneading techniques and construction itself. The technician was very helpful and it was also good to be able to take what I learnt and interpret into my own understanding. This was a fantastic resource and excellent opportunity to create a series of completed works entirely from start to finish by myself. Without the scheme, I would have been hard pushed to find a kiln and also the cost would have made the new-found friends I have created difficult.

Being given the opportunity to speak and connect with students, I was able to take on board three volunteers who wanted hands on experience of the gallery and exhibition space outside of the college. Two spent time as invigilators for one venue of my show and were involved in the print, documentation and presentation process which ranged from listening to my talks to the public about my exhibition to the more practical installation side of putting on an exhibition. I also collaborated with one student who was a graphic designer to help create flyers for my show.

Overall AA2A has enabled me to produce quality works of a high standard in a workable time frame towards a highly successful show that took place in March 2008. Alongside meeting the other AA2A artists, the time spent here has been a fruitful and beneficial scheme to be part of.

clay - 60 x 33 x 40cms