Previous AA2A Artist

Judy Musselle

Project summary:

I have been a professional artist for over twenty years working in both the public and private sector. I have produced illustrations for books, magazines, advertising and greeting cards and my paintings are currently sold through three galleries. I paint large scale murals unaccompanied and with school and community groups and have been an Artist in Residence in over thirty schools in East Yorkshire.

Being part of the AA2A scheme I am hoping will allow me the freedom to produce a body of work uncompromised by the need to satisfy a brief or suit a particular market. Access to the facilities in the printmaking and 3D workshops will enable me to create artworks I am unable to make in my studio.

The current thematic focus of my work is centred on the fears and complexities involved in childhood and adolescence, the loss of innocence involved in growing up and facing responsibilities. I see my paintings as a form of storytelling inspired by fairytales and dreams.

Following the themes of my current paintings I am interested in exploring the use of aquatint and etching which will challenge my work's reliance on colour and develop my drawing skills. I am also very excited by the idea of producing a series of plaster reliefs incorporating my own ideas as before and inspired by medieval church carvings, I would also gain extreme satisfaction from the manipulation and casting processes involved. I will relish the opportunity to experiment with methods I have been unused to for a while and hopefully the outcome will be that I produce some exciting and satisfying work.

'Girl and Pigs'