Previous AA2A Artist

Joslin Towler

Project summary:

I have been acquiring new skills in oil painting; learning techniques of the Flemish Primitives in Brussels and Antwerp. I intend to integrate the essence of these sketches and paintings with the printmaking. The art will evolve through portrait sketches and photographs made around the town and environs of Worcester which I will bring into the college to further explore using a mix of both oil painting and printing. I will produce portraits which pay respect to traditional oil paintings whilst embracing a new collaged approach to portraiture.

The AA2A Scheme would allow me to gently tease out these portraits through mixed media. Having access to facilities such as the printmaking studios is therefore critical for the development of my project. I will use my digital camera to aid with the sketches and am interested in continuing my work with digital imaging. The library would also be a vital tool in my research to continue my investigation of modern versus traditional portraiture.

I consider it vital that students are able to interact with professional artists and together the AA2A Artists could produce a large variety of knowledge and useful information to pass on to interested students about life after art school. In return I would greatly benefit from being in such a varied and dynamic environment, the inspiration would flow both ways.

'Five Naked Ladies (detail)'