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Josephine Clinton

Project summary:

I work in watercolour, oil on canvas and I use a mixture of gloss paint and white spirit when making work using the actions of a pendulum.

When using watercolour I am currently concentrating on natural life forms which camouflage into fairly intricate backgrounds.

For my oils on canvas I begin by transfering onto canvas an image usually of myself, and then by a process of layer upon layer, merging this image into the background.

The work I produce using gloss paint and white spirit explores the properties and process of paint by using the physical motions of a pendulum.

I intend to continue to work in these three completely different styles of painting. I find that, by using three diverse means of mark-making I can keep my work fresh and find new ways of creating images which continually explore a variety of methods of producing new work.

'Pendulum Series No. 3'
Gloss paint on canvas