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John Kinsey

Project summary:

My experience of print has, to date, been rather tentative, restricted to drypoint on both zinc and acrylic plates. This has allowed a relatively fast means of producing images whilst still retaining the discipline of draughtsmanship. I would now like to extend my technical repertoire in two particular areas; the possibility of developing tonalities, similar to aquatint, on acrylic plates, and, secondly, etching and aquatint using the Lascaux Acrylic Resist Etching process.

In terms of practice I intend to work on two projects. One would be a re-presentation, in print, of the photographic family snapshot, re-sized, and re-worked. This would, I believe, generate a tension between the mundane and anonymous subject matter, and its associated means of production, and its re-contextualisation within a fine art hand crafted tradition. My second, and concurrent, project will be a series of still-life arrangements from an allotment site, using a variety of found objects, both inorganic and organic, to reflect aspects of the allotment 'culture' during the non-growing season between Autumn and Spring.