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Joel Fisher

Project summary:

I often incubate the ideas in my art over a long period, sometimes many years. An example of this is a body of work called “Between Two Waters." Much preparatory work has already been done and now it is ready to manifest itself in physical space. This body of work concerns the shift from two dimensions into three dimensions, a moment I see as a critical point of transformation. I am particularly interested in ideas of ‘source’ as the moment when something changes its mode of existence.

In addition to “Between Two Waters”, if I am able, I would like to pursue the first steps toward a body of work that explores the perception of filtered light, and its ability to ‘sculpt’ interior spaces.

Working in Sunderland is useful to me because I don't have facilities available at home to actually make the work. Consequently I can't share my ideas in physical form with my peers. This has kept even my best local friends from the actually physical experience of my work. Since Sculpture is understood first with the body and only afterwards with the mind this is a disadvantage. A lack of opportunity kills potential.

The urge to share is basic, and the need to manifest ideas in physical form cannot be substituted by theoretical speculations. I believe in the ability of artists to write, and the usefulness of the process, but I also believe that most art concerns areas that remain un named and radically ineffable. Because it is impossible is no reason not to try, and it is a dual approach that can best contribute to a more resonant local and international conversation