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Jo Ball

Project summary:

I work in a range of media including drawing, installation and object-making. My recent work ‘Kit of Parts’ forms an intuitive toolkit for making site-responsive installations. The kit currently consists of 32 hand-sewn cardboard boxes housing a diverse array of objects from cat’s whiskers to elastic bands.

My proposal for the Kingston A2A scheme is to develop a new series of works on paper by creating intricate collages on Japanese paper using ink, watercolour, small found objects and embroidery, adapting the intuitove bricolge approach used in my installation work. Each drawing will in effect become a ‘mini kit of parts’. The pieces will incorporate small ceramic boat- shaped forms that hold different elements used to make the collages. The framing of the drawings will be integral to the pieces and will develop in tandem with the drawing themselves. I would like to experiment with both wall-mounted frames and free-standing folding-screen structures. The ceramic ‘boats’ will be dispayed with the drawings on shelves that are built into the frames, and on other surfaces in the gallery space – floor, window sills etc. The drawings are informed by traditional quilt patterns and geometry as well as research in the human brain, philosophy of mind and consciousness theory.

During the 6 months my main aim would be to complete 3 large-scale works on paper with accompanying ceramic elements and integrated frames, ready for exhibtion in 2010. The access to facilities at Kingston will enable me to really push my works on paper and develop my skills in ceramics. In addition to the technical progress I would make during the scheme I also hope to extend my network of professional contacts, meet students, staff and other AA2A artists at Kingston.

Description of Kit of Parts project

Kit of Parts, 2007 - present (ongoing project), Mixed media installation. (Installation view at Mid Pennine Gallery, 2009) ‘Kit of Parts’ is an ongoing project started in 2007 and forms an active and growing personal tool kit for making site-responsive installations in any given space. The content of the kit is a collection of found, bought and fabricated objects including both natural and man-made. Each object, or grouping of similar objects, is housed within its own hand-constructed and velvet-lined cardboard box. The kit currently consists of 32 cardboard boxes housing a diverse array of objects from cat’s whiskers and brass grandfather clock pulleys to elastic bands and cast lead toes. A full inventory is available to audience as a small booklet.

'Kit of Parts'
a collection of found, bought & fabricated objects