Previous AA2A Artist

Jil Moore

Project summary:

When beginning the AA2A initiative my aims concerned overcoming problems I was experiencing creating multimedia installations. I hoped to experiment further with the properties of these transparent glass & liquid environments by involving photographic imagery, printed onto clear plastic films, into the liquid.  

Through use of facilities at Manchester Met and particularly through the help of Dan Nuttall the technician there, I began a program of cutting and bonding glass. It seemed though, no matter what we tried, that an image printed onto plastic film just couldn’t be made waterproof. Dan introduced me to various resins and glues and advised me of company’s to contact with my problem (but despite interest and good will there appeared no solution).

If it hadn’t been for Dan’s advice and patience I may never have found the answer, which finally was a combination of printer inks which apply a resin coating and an epoxy resin which becomes plastic itself when dried. Though the image still peels away from the film after a few days in water, now it is secured fast against the new plastic resin and can be immersed without dissolving.

The other area of the AA2A initiative to help towards professional development was the website. I began writing a blog about my experience and problem solving and this led to me developing my own website, which I may not have had the confidence to do otherwise.

The whole experience for me has been a positive one; I have emerged at the end of it feeling more professionally evolved and grateful to all at Manchester Met and to the AA2A team. The new technique was used in the ‘One and All’ exhibition at Castelfield gallery, April 2009, and is already stimulating new work.

'Slapstick: curly, larry & mo – 2008-09'
Sculptural triptych of glass, liquid, light & imagery