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Jill Goodwin

Project summary:

I work from my intuitive response to a space to create a personalised environment within it. Often the emotional drive behind the work is the desire to establish a place of safety and protection for myself. I use wood and/or metal to form a kit-style framework, and use fabric to cover it. The process of building the piece is then an adult version of den-building, with all of the same childlike feelings. Once the work is complete, I seek playmates to share my den.

‘A Private View’ : The beach shelter came about as a response to stress and indecision. It was designed to establish a den for me on Eastney Beach, Portsmouth - an environment in which I like to contemplate the sea and gain solace, inspiration and refreshment of the mind. On Saturday March 31st 2007 I invited people to come to Eastney Beach and share my ‘private view’ of the sea. 40 people braved the windy weather and pebbly location to experience my den for themselves.

Having the support of the AA2A scheme gave me the courage to finally leave employed work, which in turn enabled me to make full use of the facilities and opportunity. During the year I have achieved my goal of completing, exhibiting and documenting two new site-specific pieces - my first attempts at taking my work outside of the gallery setting. By devoting my time entirely to making work I have been able to examine my own practice and process, and as a result I now feel I have a better understanding of how I operate and am therefore less prone to losing my self-confidence during difficult times.

'A private view'