Previous AA2A Artist

Jill Cole

Project summary:

Whilst linked to Cleveland College of Art and Design through the Artists Access to Art Colleges scheme I have researched and started to develop a new piece of digital based work, The Scarecrow. This work-in-progress is combining stills, video and sound to create a portrait of the coexisting agricultural and military landscape around my home in North Yorkshire.

The images presented are four photographic stills showing a bird shaped kite which, when attached to a flexible rod, swirls in tethered flight, both chaotic and graceful, to ward off lesser prey. This is early work in the project’s development which when complete will aim to use video installation to draw stories from the local landscape, linking into a wider picture of our relationship with the land and our attempts to tame and control it.

Through the AA2A scheme I have been able to continue a critical dialogue with my work, challenging myself creatively and developing new technical skills in video production, sound recording and editing as a basis for the creation of this new piece of work.

'Untitled photographic stills from The Scarecrow, 2010 '
4 Digital C-type prints - 18 x 12in