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Jessica Curry

Project summary:

I originally trained as a composer for film and television, but have spent the last decade of my professional practice as a sound and installation artist. My work fuses traditional compositional skills with digital technologies: combining classical method with time-based media such as animation, video and interactive media. I have collaborated with photographers, choreographers and even computer game designers.

Having developed a successful strand of practice that focuses particularly on installation work for exhibition, I used the AA2A residency to rediscover my early love of moving image. In particular exploring the relationship between sound and image in film, which is traditionally a predominantly visually driven medium with what is heard taking a back seat to what is seen. I aimed to create a new piece of work for screening or exhibition which was a true collaboration of sound and image; one underpinned by musical, rather than simply cinematographic rules.

The final piece of work is entitled i carry your heart. Set to a text by e.e. cummings the film's overriding theme is passion. Cyril Connolly said that “there is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall.” This film rails against that concept but also raises the question of whether love can exist without sacrifice.

I didn’t shoot any new material for the film, using only existing images. The Super 8 footage is from my wedding, the child in the film and on the ultrasound is my son Oscar, the x-ray footage is mine and the final film is projected onto my body. The images has been digitally manipulated and re-coloured to imbue the film with a sense of hyper-realism, nostalgia, loss and hope.

The residency gave me the time and space to think, dream and create- what artist can ask for more than that?

'i carry your heart'