Previous AA2A Artist

Jenny Pritchard

Project summary:

An interest in family history has led me to reflect on my own life and experience, to examine the positive and negative aspects of the many changes I have seen over time and to debate the impact on families of these changes. 

The AA2A scheme has allowed me time and space to develop this theme and realise pieces that I have been thinking about for some time. As I normally have to work in isolation I have valued particularly the dialogue with staff, students and other participants on the residency and the opportunity to work in a creative environment.  

Access to workshops has allowed me the freedom to experiment with use of materials and equipment impossible in my own studio because of size and safety constraints. The experience of working and exhibiting in such a framework has been invigorating and instrumental in increasing confidence in an ability to realise concepts.

The piece was made in response to a television programme about Bedouin women who handle all the finances, merchandising, upbringing of children, cooking, household tasks and who, in addition, make the tent!

Wood, metal, hessian, hand plaited & stitched pieces of discarded fabric