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Jenny Knights

Project summary:

I completed my degree in 2006 as a mature student with a sight problem. Before starting on the AA2A scheme in 2007, I felt very isolated and under confident. My own personal development has increased on the AA2A scheme, brought about by contact with the university, the staff and the students. This has provided me with a positive and creative attitude towards my work. I now have a real insight into what inspires me, which is a sense of place, and our place in time.

Drawing and the use of photographic imagery help me to acquire a feel for my subject. I always print my images out A3 size initially so I can really feel and see what is visible. I need to work on a large scale.

Poetry and the use of words have always had an affect on my work, but the use of text as a visual form is beginning to feed into my work. My starting point for the AA2A project was my own house and garden. While researching the above, I started reading T.S Eliot's 'Four Quartets' which immediately connected me to where I am in time, who or what has gone before, and what the future holds. I started thinking about diaries/journals written in the present to be read in the future with a view to the past. This led me to a diary written in 1970 which I had found in a garden bonfire in 1985. The diary, and its contents have formed the basis of my present work linking time, past, present and future to place, memory and the human presence within time.

To date I have produced 11 digital images printed onto paper, plus one printed onto fabric, enlarged to A1 size to form an installation based on the diary.

The Diary Found in the Bonfire in 1985'