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Jenni Baines

Project summary:

When working with 16mm film I perform repetitive actions for the camera, documenting myself carrying out apparently futile yet defiant physical feats. These actions can seem like a romantic response to, or an urge to escape from the space in which they are performed. The works are process based, using the limitations of the equipment or my physical endurance as a basis and frame in which to be created. The repetitively performed action is often absurd or pointless.

Project submission: The project I propose is to produce a film from layering multiple projections and stills. I'd like to experiment layering single frames from a 16mm film that I recently shot along with found and new footage. In the film I am attempting to swim against the tide, but get continuously washed from the frame.In my own films, I'm normally attempting to achieve an almost impossible task and I have some found footage of circus performers, which I'm interested in layering and splicing into these. I'd also like to use the blue screen in the film studio. I haven't actually experimented with this process before and think it could be interesting to film against and to use the result layered into this other footage. I'm interested in the timeless quality of film and my practice often nods to nostalgia, slapstick and 1970's performance.