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Jenifer Verkaik

Project summary:

Jenifer graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design with a First Class Honours Degree in 2005 and worked primarily in painting in oils acrylics on wood panels. Jenifer is a local artist and has exhibited in mixed exhibitions on a regular basis in Folkestone, Rye, Canterbury and London and was also involved in the BLOK Sculpture Festival in Canterbury (2003). Jenifer is looking to use her residency at the University College to move her art work in a different direction. 

“With access to printing equipment I would hope to explore different forms of expressions and move my art further in another direction. So far I have limited myself to painting in oils and acrylics. My main area of interest is growth and form and I am particularly fascinated with the revelations of microphotography and the way the same ideas and patters appear in quite different areas, the use of colour is important to me in relation to these discoveries. I share this interest with artists Mark Wright and Mark Francis who are concerned with microphotography and painting. Paul Klee said that images revealed to us through the microscope would seem over imaginative and fantastic if we were to see them accidentally elsewhere and lacked the sense to understand them. The artist concerns himself with microphotography not to check the truth of nature but only in the exercise of mobility of his mind, only in the sense of freedom. In my practice I explore this freedom combining colour, texture and pattern with the idea of creating a sense of illusion and spatial ambiguity. My aim would be to produce a series of prints using my existing paintings as a basis to work from. I would like to experiment with variations of colour, design and texture through the medium of print. I would very much like to have the opportunity of exploring the possibilities of lithography. 

My second aim would be to produce an artist’s book. I have been working on some ideas using monoprints, dye transfers and a combination of stencils and painting. I am very excited with the idea of combining painting with printing. I believe that the ‘doing process’ of printing stimulates the imagination and that the excitement of the unexpected provides endless opportunities.