Previous AA2A Artist

Jaqueline Cooley

Project summary:

As a self-employed artist, mainly working on public art commissions, it is often very hard to find the time to work on my own projects. The down turn in the economy has limited the amount of commissions that are available and I wish to maximise the extra time that I have available and develop new ways of working.
The workshops in the glass department are well equipped and will allow me to advance my work much quicker than working in my own studio where I am restricted to the size of equipment.

The larger kilns will enable me to develop ideas that I have for fuse-casting layers of water jet cut glass sheets. The effect will be like cold glass lamination (inspiration comes from artists like Zoltan Bohus and Thomas Hlavicka), but will, by using hot fusing methods, result in more fluid, organic, less 'perfect' pieces.
These pieces will be extensively cold worked and will incorporate layers of colour or transfers which will build up a gradual change in hue.

The work will be technically challenging and time consuming. The AA2A programme will afford me an opportunity to achieve this. I will be using my new found skills and body of work to exhibit at the British Consulate in Chicago where I hope to showcase my work to collectors and gallery owners. I will also be co-teaching a class at the Studio in Corning, New York in July 2010.

I am looking forward to talking to students and giving advice about career opportunities, exhibitions and funding and would like to give a presentation about my work and the ups and downs of working in the realm of public art.