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Jane Hodgson

Project summary:

The pieces I have chosen to show here were produced within the University of Hertfordshire AA2A opportunity. 

I used the opportunity to work in a different medium – ceramics and found an interesting way to explore some of my 2d work, transforming ideas from photography and video in to 3d.  

My more familiar mediums are photography, video, and lately text, performance and installation. My work is based around ‘place’, the experience of a place through my eyes and emotions and is linked to ecology and the environment. 

The Lonely Bay figure series, were produced from text I wrote while sitting on a beach called Lonely Bay in New Zealand. It was a beautiful beach, I was surrounded by sunshine, blue sky, aqua marine sea, shells all around me; and I was desperately miserable, missing my Father who had recently died. 

The first in the series is me, sitting. The second shows some hope and recognition that all is not lost. The third is a strong image, taking strength from him, listening to him and moving on, surviving, knowing that he will be with me always – there will always be something left.

This experience led directly to a ceramic ball piece, ‘There will always be something’, which has in it’s message the earth and it’s present struggles. This started as a video piece I made from time lapse photography, of a snow ball with a small stone placed inside that I photographed melting in the sunshine. The message was the same as in the third figure series: take some strength, there will always be something left. 

The ceramic ball is hollow and has another ball inside that cannot fall through a hole, through which it is seen. The piece is made to be rolled around, played with. It has the words ‘there will always be something’ etched in to it.

'Lonely Bay figure series'
Ceramic series of 3 figures - up to 20cm high