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Ian Mitchell

Project summary:

I currently produce a series of contemporary artwork pieces celebrating the Yorkshire Coast and Countryside. Working from initial sketches and photographs, I refine and distill the lines and contours of the landscape down to minimalist forms and shapes, refining it down until I have a design sketch on paper that I'm happy with. Then I scan the sketch and continue by working on the computer using Adobe Illustrator to produce finshed digital prints.

Ultimately I’d like develop my work by moving away from the computer, and experimenting with screenprint. I would like to produce screenprints of my existing designs (and new ones) that are clean and minimal, but at the same time I’d like to explore working on top of these prints with loose free fluid hand drawn lines.

I like the concept of mixing the controlled restraint with free expression.

Rather than producing limited edition prints I’d like to move towards individual pieces, each one showing my artistic personality.

Using the screenprinting facilities available, I feel it would give me opportunities to experiment and move closer to my goal. I am happy to share my knowledge and experiences of the digital and commercial side with any students that are interested.

'Robin Hoods Bay'
digital print