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Helen Seabright

Project summary:

All the photographs and prints are work completed on the AA2A scheme. I was born in Hereford and lived here until I was eighteen. My relationship with Hereford shire is special. I have noticed that an urge to re- visit tends to coincide with some sort of personal re- evaluation. I selected the river as the vehicle to express that attachment in my work. water the common substance The river is always compelling and works as a metaphor on many levels e.g. it is reflective; it’s always there- but always different and changing. The photographs were the starting point and are simply about being there and the diversity of a stretch of water. Photographic detail revealed undercurrents and patterns. The resulting collagraphs represent small areas of intense watery activity: what lies beneath the surface, an indication of forces at work. The collagraphs are a movement inward from the photographs. The process itself involves a transfer of physicality. I wanted to convey the impression of a glimpse into somewhere else, a sphere usually hidden.