Previous AA2A Artist

Helen Roberts

Project summary:

During my time at this university I will be working on producing a new body of sculptures and experimental test pieces which encapsulate and combine jewellery making techniques with large scale sculptural metal work. These pieces will evolve through taking nature such as marine life and plants as their inspiration. I will be focusing on the patination, colouring and texturing of metals along with combining glass within my work. I will also be looking at combining industrially made objects taken out of their usual environment and context and used for their aesthetic as well as their functional appeal.

The AA2A Scheme is allowing me to expand upon ideas and concepts which I was not able to realise during my last year at university. Having access to these facilities is therefore crucial for the development of my creative practice, helping me build upon and push the boundaries of my past work.

In my opinion, it is very important for students to be able to interact and gain insight about the practices and development of graduates and professional artists, both in terms of knowledge and inspiration.

The AA2A Scheme provides this important link for students, but also benefits the artists themselves and in my circumstances will help me build confidence with speaking about my creative practice and help improve my presentational skills.

mild steel & glass, wall mounted - 1m x 0.5m