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Helen Saunders

Project summary:

I am interested in the power of photography to expose and transform the mundane. In particular my work is concerned with our changing environment, where the processes of civilization are seeping into the natural rhythms of the planet. I use photography as a means of bringing into focus spaces such as scrap yards and construction sites, the in-between points which are often forgotten, yet crucial to civilization.

I use methods of digital photo-collage (photoshop software) to create surreal landscapes that blur the boundaries between real and fantasy. My methods reference the painted landscape, which has historically been used as a means of re-framing nature, which overwhelmed. I take inspiration from this idealised and often romanticized vision of the world, but aim to create an incongruity between reality of the subject and surface beauty of the image. I don't intend to make polemic judgments, but provoke questions about the rate of man- made development and the implications for the future.

I am currently creating a series of images which explore the layering of the city landscape. The perspective is taken from the non-place area at the city boundaries looking into the regeneration. I hope to slightly alter the construction of the landscape formation to emphasize the human transformation of the place.