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Heidi Turner

Project summary:

My aim is to explore and rework wondrous stories into contemporary constructed textile pieces. I intend to create a range of beautiful hand-made domestic textiles for the interiors market. The work will initially be rooted in my earlier exploration of Eastern European motifs and imagery, but I will develop and extend these ideas further.

My initial starting point will be to juxtapose eclectic imagery from a diverse range of sources, e.g. everyday objects, natural landscape, mythology and decorative patterns. Using natural materials with sustainability in mind as well as found / recycled and vintage materials, I will create compositions to highlight texture, colour, mark making and stitched line. I will employ a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques such as drawing, hand embroidery, appliqué, screen and digital print.

Through this application, I intend to explore the boundary where utilitarian domestic objects become aesthetic decorative pieces, e.g. at what point does a humble tea towel take its pride of place on our walls as an object to be admired? Part of this process will be to research historical and contemporary utilitarian objects which will inform my own design decisions. Contextually I will be exploring the aesthetic of the Bauhaus, Wiener Werkstatte, Scandinavian Design as well as the Shaker movement.

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop my work because I will have access to equipment and facilities that are limited and expensive when working outside of an Art College environment. Using these facilities will enable me to develop and refine my skills as a textile designer maker.

I have always found the ethos of Art College nurturing and extremely inspirational. I enjoy working alongside other creative people in this stimulating environment and have valuable experience from recent College employment to provide input to others if requested. Further, this will also be an opportunity to guide me creatively, and to give me the capability to further promote my work commercially.

Wall piece, patchwork and hand embroidery on vintage recycled linen