Previous AA2A Artist

Heidi-Louise Colwill

Project summary:

AA2A has given me a chance to have materials that wouldn't be so accessible at home, become easy to hand such as fabrics, the printing room, art shop, and library to hand has helped me to develop my work further. I have really enjoyed interacting with the students,other designers and artist on this scheme has been a real pleasure to get their input in which you don't get when your at home doing your own thing.

I decided to do a new project that is inspired by 1875 Hans Christian Anderson book and 1929 Grimm tales book that I had bought. I have been interested in fairy tales and the subliminal messages within theses tales since 2003. I used this as a starting point within my work and questioned this within my humour. I use a mix up of fairytale and films that inspire me, my the latest collection is called “ “Goldilocks on a magic carpet ride. “ 

I started with a sketchbook to get my story down on to paper. Then I had the opportunity to develop some screens for printing with. I would not been able to do this a home as I don't have the equipment at home. I like to use print in my work with embroidery. I used transfer paper with this collection and explored print with this. 

My dress called the “Forest scene” is embroidered and appliqué on brooches on the top I want to crate a fusion to different techniques on a garment. The bottom is linen I wanted to explore different weights as the bodice is pink cotton. The bottom is printed difference coloured fabrics appliqué d on the black linen. I have used transfer prints for the people on this dress. The bead work is throughout the piece.

Red in Mushroom House'
70 x 135cm