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Heather Jukes

Project summary:

My art practice has evolved in response to my dual interests in science and art (I was a university lecturer in genetics before embarking on a Fine Art degree). During my time supported by AA2A I have been experimenting with art processes (particularly darkroom based) to explore issues in contemporary biology. I am interested in the public perception of biotechnology including topics such as human assisted reproduction, inherited disease and genetic modification of farm livestock and crop plants. The ubiquitous nature of DNA as a common blueprint for animal and plant life is a constant theme in my work.

The image displayed here, Malus domestica relates to the science laboratory. It is no coincidence that there are hints of photo- microscopy and X-ray film. This piece is part of a series entitled Unnatural Selection which features a range of plant and animal species. The print is a photogram having been produced without a camera in a traditional darkroom by capturing the light which is transmitted through an object on to photographic paper. I have deliberately manipulated the process in order to play with scale, colour and perspective.

Over the year my work has evolved. I am very grateful for the opportunity AA2A has given me to experiment and develop my work to the extent that I successfully exhibited some of the resulting pieces in March 2008. Having an equipment grant has been an added bonus as it has allowed me to be more liberal with photographic paper than I might otherwise have been!

'Malus Domestica'
colour photogram - 50 x 40cm