Previous AA2A Artist

Hayley Talbot

Project summary:

The AA2A scheme presented an opportunity to explore and develop the use of embroidery and print within my designs. Continuing to draw reference from visual research of aged and distressed natural/ geographical forms, textures/ colours of aged stones and flowers, etc, I explored the use of techniques and applications such as eyelet embroidery, black latch bobbin embroidery, wing needle stitch, pin-tucking and print (including devore print).  

The outcomes of the exploratory sampling is featured in this small range of hand finished t-shirts and vests. In keeping with my interests in reusing old materials, the pieces contain re-worked materials alongside new materials.  

The techniques I explored on the AA2A scheme will definitely influence designs for future collections of my hand-finished t-shirts and vests and will hopefully help my designs evolve whilst still retaining my initial intention of creating unique but accessible garments that combine traditional and contemporary craft techniques in fashion.

'Ethereal petal'
jersey, silk, hand dyed ribbon and embroidery