Previous AA2A Artist

Georgina Paton

Project summary:

My current work involves the metamorphosing process of 'fold-forge' iron sheet from basic geometric shapes into organic, fluid spiral pieces that are both sculptural and functional.

The AA2A scheme gave me the unique opportunity to approach my work in a more spontaneous, free and open process, e.g. starting with a geometric shape, then forging the metal to its limit with no preconceived idea of result or function. I have found this making process liberating; it has given me the freedom to break out of the more traditional and rigid silversmithing mould in which I have been working for the last 15years. I now feel I have a balance between freedom of creativity and the structured, disciplined approach that working metal demands.

I've been able to work larger scale in iron at the blacksmithing workshop at the Holme Lacy facilities unique to the Herefordshire College of Art & Design. The AA2A scheme allowed me access both to these extensive workshop facilities (which cannot be matched anywhere in the UK or Europe), and to valuable knowledge and expertise from dedicated lecturers.

Surprisingly, I also enjoyed and benefited from the rural aspect of the college (which helped 'ground' my work), as well as from the good humour shared by staff and students. I have recently started a 'fruity' body of work (Hereford is a main producer of apples and apple cider) with two series, Forbidden Fruit bowls and Fruit & Nuts.


'Trivet' by George Paton. Photo the artist.

Material steel 3mm sheet
W180mm x D180mm x H70mm