Previous AA2A Artist

Georgie Park

Project summary:

During the AA2A scheme I aim to explore the paradoxical physical properties of fragility and strength within ceramic processes and how the combination of these can conjure themes to of absence and presence. I will work to exploit the inherent abilities of different ceramic processes to transform the same material into something strong and heavy, or light and fragile. I would work to establish how using different densities along with experimental structures can affect the stability of the object and hope to push the limits even to the point where the very structure of the work is its downfall and destruction.
I work in a multi-disciplinary way often bringing together many different
mediums including sculpture, body casts, film, sound, performance, and craft.

My drive is to create something tangible as a representation of a personal,
emotional or situational state. I strive to find the most relevant means of
expression for my ideas and hence I always work to broaden my skill bases.
The scheme will give me an invaluable access to facilities and hence the
opportunity to explore materials that are usually out of bounds to me with the intensity that I have those I am familiar with. The very nature of the art college environment as an institution for exploration and development means that there is a greater freedom for experimentation.

I hope that access to this sort of environment will give me the opportunity to
develop new processes and skills and that working in a more exploratory
climate will open doors to new ways of working and new points of inspiration for my future practice.