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Francisco Lobo

Project summary:

I am interested in testing how families of crafted objects (drawings, prints, sculptures, photos, economical gestures) can bring forth a new sense of belonging and meaning. I am interested not so much in questions of display but of association between the different worlds of print, sculpted matter and drawing, and how these can operate together to open a new door. 

I would use the opportunity to develop a joint project between large scale relief printing, photography and the construction of small sculptures using mostly wood. The good technical conditions would both enhance the potential of the work and stimulate the practice.

I would like to have developed, by the end of the access period, a body of work that would be suited for critical engagement, discussion and exhibition in a gallery space. The binding principle for the development of the work has to do with bringing the sense of suspension that is part of the world of spectacle into ordinary life and work.

'Congo - Animal Artists Series'
woodcut print on paper 92 x 145cm