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Frances Richardson

Project summary:

I used the Artists Access scheme at NSAD to explore making work in bronze, a medium that I have not used before and otherwise would not have access to. The process of casting has many stages and in the images presented the works are in wax, the stage before being cast into the bronze. The college staff and technicians have been very helpful and have offered to extend the access period to enable the pieces to be cast into bronze next term.

The casting process embodies the idea of a captured moment. In past works I have used wood and branches to explore visual presentations of a flow or passage of time. In developing these works in bronze and their placement in found 'real' locations, I hope to weave an interplay between process and concept.


It was energising for me to be in a learning environment where I could explore ideas. The workshops provided a friendly, co-operative and industrious environment to work in and I found the students engaged in how my work developed during the scheme.


Flux II by Frances Richardson. Photo the artist.
Wax to be cast into bronze, height approx 540mm