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Fiona Zobole

Project summary:

Fiona Zobole designs and prints large, tactile, text-based wallpieces in both neutrals and colours. The distinctive layers of screenprinted text combine with unique surface qualities enable her to communicate her art through sight and touch. Her recent work continues to explore issues of accessibility of the printed word whilst combining colour and images with textured surfaces.

“AA2A is an amazing opportunity to continue to develop my professional practice in an active and thriving contemporary educational environment.

AA2A enabled me to produce a large body of work for my solo exhibition in addition to completing largescale commissioned work. My practice has been extended further into working with colour and playing with the effect of the viewer’s touch and the ensuing changes to the colour of the printed works in response. I have also been enabled visually by the technical staff and have been able to experiment with 3D versions of my printed works, retaining the colour and essence of the original pieces but changing the tactile experience for the viewer."

Since her graduation in 2005 Fiona's work has been showcased at The V&A; London, 'Origin' at Somerset House, MOMA Wales, and 'Departure' at The London Printworks Trust during the London Design Festival. Her work has also been published in idFX, Crafts, Surface Magazine among others. Fiona continues to make unique works for both private and corporate clients.

'Blue Exeunt'
screenprinted text on canvas using heat reactive binders - 51 x 51 cm,