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Fabrizia Bazzo

Project summary:

I am a designer-maker and have been working with glass for over 10 years producing architectural glass installations. I use a range of techniques to interpret my designs including acid etching, sandblasting, painting, staining, kilnforming and leading. The approach is sometimes representational, or may be pictorial or abstract. The final result, however, is always a fluid response utilising the vibrant qualities of the medium itself. 

With the knowledge and skill I have accumulated over the last few years, I am now trying to distance myself a little from the ‘aesthetics’ in order to explore the hidden ‘soul’ of glass itself. I am seeking to develop a deeper involvement and understanding of the medium; challenging not only the technical aspects but also the metaphorical ones. Both of which are equally important to me.

Architecture and design have been moving towards a more minimalist, lightweight aesthetic and this requires a flexible approach to design and glass production mixing the old skills with an eye on what new technologies can offer.

This is what really excites me. It is my ambition to be continually searching for new challenges and participating on the AA2A scheme would allow me to explore new materials. Processes and techniques, challenging the traditional idea of craftsmanship ingrained in the centuries old craft of stained glass.

The realisation of an idea must never be limited by the techniques available or known or I will never have the space in which to grow.

screen printed, laminated glass panels and etched mirror - 200 x 50cm