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Emma Varley

Project summary:

Paper is fundamental to my practice as an artist and printmaker. I am currently exploring its existence as a substrate, and its ability to be transformed. My fascination is with paper cutouts, the creation of dimension, illusionistic space and the use of colour as reflected light. I am interested in the relationship between the two-dimensional image and three-dimensional object, paper structures have the ability to unify both. Ideas originate through drawing, the cutting of stencils and shuffling of paper. Multiple printmaking and painting processes are then applied, through a constant re-cycling and re-printing, a way forward is found.

A multiplicity of origins, symbols and referents inform the work. Reoccurring themes such as nature and science are united in works that playfully juggle with opposites and disparities. For example: in one camp are mechanical devices, signature objects of our post-industrial age ranging from space satellites to the latest household appliances. In the other camp is nature untrammeled, symbolized by threatened but still blossoming species of wildflowers endangered by urban sprawl.


Flora Globe by Emma Varley. Photo the artist.

Silkscreen print