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Elizia Volkmann

Project summary:

My aim for the AA2A residency is to explore a number of visual strands in a process of research by making. There are four key strands I am currently pursuing:-

A series of video performances and black and white photographs following in the high contrast style of Blindshutter & Blackeye. Again exploiting the SFX make-up techniques, and the core ideas of contemplating mortality, survival, the nature of the human condition under extreme stress in relationship to creativity and the iconic black and white photographic image that we associate with heroes such as El Ché.  

I wish to further develop the tools of portraiture that I have employed with the very stark Blindshutter work in photographs that are visually more luxurious, (to date I have only been able to explore this in my fashion photography, I have enclosed a sample to illustrate). I have been visualising two series; one of ’icons’ i.e. the idea of a modern day pantheon, a series of sectarian saints/ deities to whom one can pray to when in times of need/crisis but whose aspects deal with contemporary complaint, in a way gods for the godless, who as much reflect our suffering and endure it for us as solve our problems. Again these will employ transformation via SFX make-up/ prosthetics, but also costume and sets (i.e. film & iconic language). 

The other strand I want to play with is a series of photographic and video tableaux: working title: mythologies. Again exploring the relationships between our social and cultural myth making machinery (film/ news/ media) and our own mortal, vulnerable selves in dilemma and crisis. These works will use actors and performers as models such as long term collaborator choreographer/performance artist and dance critic Thom Shaw.

Lastly, what started as very simple light sculptures representing dendrons and inverted nerves and rods within the eye, have developed into sculptural entities of their own as well as physical counterparts and components within the resulting installations created from the images evolved in processes described above. The next evolution is to create these pieces on a larger scale using cages, tanks and other physical structures that further follow this core theme of vision and the human mortal state.

I do not expect to create complete series of work, but to make “samples”. These “samples” are physical expressions of researched ideas and exploration of new territory.

'Black eye'