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Elizabeth Willow

Project summary:

Deeper and Wider

Upon reflection, the most valuable aspect has been the opportunity to experiment. I have so appreciated the time and space to work intuitively, to become fascinated by particular processes, to make and learn from mistakes, to get stuck and to find unexpected and novel ways to progress. Allowing myself the freedom to explore without the pressure to create a large body of work has led to a greater sense of possibility and new directions.

My interaction with students and staff has also been of great value. I have been inspired by the diversity of work being created by students, and by being in an atmosphere of experimentation and excitement. Seeing others using different techniques and materials has widened my ideas of what is possible in my own work. And the feeling that my presence and work have sometimes provoked questions or new ideas for a particular student or group has helped my confidence and belief in my practice. Talking about and presenting my work to students has allowed me to see the development of my practice with greater clarity, particularly with regard to my working patterns and the recurrence of certain materials and themes within my work. Discussions with staff and the other resident artists have also led to further understanding of my own and others’ work, and have provided support, inspiration and future opportunities.

terracotta beads on linen thread - 17 x 3 x 1/2inch