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Eleanor Morgan

Project summary:

I use a variety of media, including sculpture, video, drawing and performance to explore our relationship with animals. This has included sculpting with spider’s silk, hunting for puffins, and embracing a giant green sea anemone. Access to Camberwell College of Arts will allow me to create a new body of work in acrylic Perspex based on animal display and our verbal response to looking at animals.

The facilities at the college will enable me to make the sculptures at a greater scale and professional finish. I also plan to develop an on-going project into spider’s silk spinning machines. This will initially take the form of prints, but may develop into other mediums. The library at the college will offer me the chance to support my practical development with academic and historical research.

Working within the supportive artistic environment of Camberwell College of Arts will open up possibilities for me to develop my work in new directions. I live and work in the area and I am excited by the opportunity of becoming involved in the art college and working with the staff and students.

'Spider’s web cup and saucer (detail)'
Spider’s silk, glass, wood (2005) - 20cm diameter