Previous AA2A Artist

Elaine Lim-Newton

Project summary:

My current work is inspired by East Asian folk lore. I am especially intruiged by the symbolisom connected to many plants and animals. I use various methods of construction, but concentrate on slabbing, marking the surface of the clay with found objects and handmade stamps. 

I would use the library facilites available to me on the aa2a course to further my research into various world folk lore concentrating on traditional stories. This work has been inspired by recent travels to East and South Asia, New Zealand and Africa.

The printing and computer equipment would then be used to turn my ideas into designs and illustrations. These can then be translated onto the ceramic surface through the technique of screenprinting directly onto the surface of large clay slabs. I will also explore producing my own decals, permanent on-glaze decoration and using the sandblasting machines to distress the surface, creating further textures and patterns. This wil create beautiful, intricate images, which push the boundaries of possibilities in contemporary ceramic decoration.

'White fishes'
stoneware ceramic wall plaque - 30cm