Previous AA2A Artist

Dulari Sumaria

Project summary:

As part of the AA2A scheme I had proposed to use the printmaking process to further explore my drawing practice. I have previously employed sound vibrations and my body movement to make life size drawings which are more like a record of a performance. In this scheme I decided to take inspiration from my surroundings to produce new work with a similar concept.

I started off by exploring the screen printing process. While working in the printmaking room I recorded hand movements of students engaged in activity i.e. weaving, rolling the press, hand gestures of two people engaged in conversation etc. I call these marks 'LIFE DRAWINGS' that which is alive, moves.

While observing and transmitting the movement of a chosen subject, the role of the observer-participant merge. The artist and the participant live at the precise moment of its creation.

I decided to take a cross disciplinary approach by integrating these drawings with the screen printing process and painting. The painting process was a revelation for me. It freed me from the obsession of images. This activity has broadened the scope for me to further explore and contribute towards the rich culture of interdisciplinary practice through painting and drawing and printmaking.

My time on the AA2A has led to a couple of exhibition opportunities i.e the Gallery at Parndon Mill has approached me to exhibit with their themed exhibition 'LIFE DRAWINGS', which runs from 20th May to 27th June 2010