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Donna Carty

Project summary:

Born in West Virginia Donna saw the AA2A scheme at Norwich School of Art and Design as her "entry into the UK arts world". She kept a web diary or 'blog' during this time

I am in love with color and texture. I want every color in irridescence, pearlescence, and opalescence. I want transparency, and translucence, and opacity. I want matte and shiny and metallic. I want metallic showing through translucent-matte- 'sunlight-through-amber' yellow! I want smoothness, hardness, softness, fuzziness, rigidity, bumpyness, peek-a-boo holeyness, solidity, and fluidity. I want to put any combination of all these together in any way that strikes my fancy.

I want it all!... because nature has it all!... and because new manmade materials offer new variations of it.

Description of image "The warp on one side varied from all silk to nearly all cotton. At that point, the small amount of silk remaining was replaced by wool and the proportion of wool increased across the warp. The weft followed this same pattern. Because the three fibers responded differently to the dye and the boiling, the four sections ended up with distinctly different appearances. The images are representative of the middle of each section."

woven wool, silk and cotton dyed with madder