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Delpha Hudson

Project summary:

'Comfort Zones' features a series of portraits of real people documenting their mothers' relationships with object that give them comfort. Studies in mothering have announced such seemingly obvious statements as ' as important for mental health as are vitamins and proteins are for physical health' (Rutter, 1972). It has been convenient to believe that the needs of mother and child are complementary, that the mother gets what she needs mutually from the child. This is the myth of a satisfying symbiosis of the mother-child dyad. And whilst mothers can find comfort in mothering, the question still remains: Who mothers mothers?

Each portrait shows that the 'pillar' is still in need of support. Most women are only human, not saints who are 'wholly available for their children; all-giving, all-understanding, and totally self-less.' Mothers often have no sense of self, they are groomed to expect nothing and put up with everything. What, instead of who, do mothers turn to when they need comfort, pleasure, space. What do they make their comfort zone?

AA2A gave me access to equipment and support that I would not otherwise have had.


Comfort Zone by Delpha Hudson. Photographer unknown